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Best Glucometers

How to Choose the Best Glucometers

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Having a hard time making up your mind about which diabetic meter to buy? Some people say choose this one because it’s better than the other but others say that one. Even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the Americans with Diabetes Association each have their own guidelines but they are different from each other.

Is it difficult? We can tell you that it’s not. Ask first what your doctor thinks about it, because their recommendation is valuable. We say it’s best that you help yourself decide by giving yourself a bit of knowledge about what a glucometer is, how it is to be used, what it is really for, how it can help you, what type you want to purchase, available sizes, the accuracy, how easy is it to use, and whether the price really fits your budget.

The following are factors that might help in determining the best glucometer for you:

Number 1: Diabetic Meter Precision

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There are times that people are worried about the exact readings of their meter. The reliability of the values is quite general. There may be a slight difference between the meter reading and laboratory values due to these reasons:

  • Laboratory uses venous blood while meters utilize capillary blood. Capillary blood can give a slightly higher reading as compared to venous blood.
  • There is at least a 10-15% difference in readings due to the fact that meters use whole blood while a laboratory uses plasma blood.

Number 2: Comfort Level

There are ease of use concerns as far as the comfort level of the meter. There’s the matter of how it measures up to your preferences, your lifestyle, and how you want to carry it or even the way you use it. This factor also relates to the amount of blood required, and the steps for using the glucometer as well as recording, coding, etc.

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TRUE2go Blood Glucose Starter Kit priced at just $7.99

Number 3: Meter Coding.

Traditional meters use codes which depend on the type of test strips used. It is also for accuracy purposes because it tells the meter what kind of test strip is used. But modern glucometers no longer require a code. So don’t bother with that. But if the matter arises, you look for the meter manual or test strip because that will tell what the code is.

 Number 4: Glucometer Price.

Diabeteic meters are all over the market. You can buy them online, but make sure it’s not scam. You can ask your pharmacist or any person on your health care team for assistance in buying the best glucometer available. Make sure that you’re not only shopping for a good price but for quality itself. Some companies give the meter for free but have you buy the test strips.

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OneTouch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Number 5: Test Strip Price.

Ever bought a printer for your PC, knowing that it isn’t the printer that will cost you but the ink? The reason why they give you the printer for a low price or even free is because they’ll kill you with the price of the ink. The same is very true with diabetic meters and test strips. Depending on the frequency of your usage, always check on how much it is costing you. Figure out what it will cost you for the lifetime use of the product. It may amaze you.

Number 6: Meter Size.

Product DetailsIf you’re a size freak then don’t worry because there are a lot of different sizes of meters on the market to best suit your lifestyle. New meters are fairly compact, but make sure that it fits well where you will keep it.

Number 7: Test Flexibility.

Having too much discomfort during pricking time? Well you should not. You should ask your doctors where there are other places where you can rotate your site testing so that it helps you to keep the pain away. This just means that you can take blood samples from other areas of your body such as your thigh or forearm, not just your finger tips. And modern meters give minimal discomfort with their amazing technologies, where the lancets are automatic and there’s no need for you to force your one hand to hurt the other. Not a bad technique to consider. So choose a diabetes glucose meter that’ll help you a lot.

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Number 8: Cleaning and Maintenance.

Some glucometers need a daily basis cleaning to be accurate. You should clean your meter with soap and water. But use only a dampened soft cloth so that it will avoid damage to the meter’s sensitive parts. Avoid using alcohol (unless instructed to do so by the manual), glass cleaners, abrasive cleaners or cleaners with ammonia. Other meters do not require regular cleaning but actually contain built-in electronic alerts where it will indicate when you should clean them. And others can be cleaned only by the manufacturer itself.

Number 9: Blood Sample Amount.

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Some meters require a small amount of blood as a sample to get accurate results, but remember a meter with a channel requires much more to get a precise result, so be careful and read the manual fully.

Number 10: Meter Result Time.

Modern diabetic meters give the result in less than a minute.

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Bayer’s Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Number 11: Record Documentation.

Some new meters have a built-in recorder for a week or so and it can be plugged in via a USB channel and saved to your computer. Send it to your doctor to avoid hassles and be checked for therapy improvement. Still others only have less than ten (10) meter results that can be saved. But to make sure, you can have a log book for yourself in order to monitor if there are improvements in your blood glucose levels. Ask your health care team members for the normal blood glucose levels so that it’ll be easier for you to understand.

Number 12: Meter Language.

New technologies nowadays have a built-in language changer that’ll adjust for the user to understand well. In that case you can read in the manual about how you can change it or find help by calling the manufacturer itself for best results.


Glucometers are available here:

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